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NTT TechnoCross crossbreeds NTT’s state-of-the-art technologies with products from all over the world, delivering the best solutions to customers. The cross communication with our customers from different industries further leads to our innovative services.

News & Events
April 30, 2021

ForeSight Voice Mining English v6.4 is now available
The new version further meets the needs of the North American market through the support of tunable Spanish and Canadian French voice recognition engines.

April 21, 2021

A Test of AI Driven Cattle Behavior Monitoring System U-motion® has been completed in Denmark. SEGES reported U-motion® is useful for detecting heat in cow and getting pregnant cows.
DESAMIS Co.,Ltd and NTT TechnoCross have completed a demonstration experiment of the cattle behavior monitoring service “U-motion®”, which was conducted jointly with SEGES, an agricultural research institute in the Kingdom of Denmark. As a result, SEGES reported that U-motion® is useful for detecting heat in cow and getting pregnant cows.(PDF:0.2MB)

January 25, 2021

ForeSight Voice Mining is integrated with Amazon Connect
The integration with Amazon Connect easily enables the use of ForeSight Voice Mining’s advanced voice recognition AI, as well as agent support, call analysis, and evaluation that became difficult due to increasing remote work from home by contact center agents, supervisors, and managers.

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