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Video record the desktop screens of all users — whether onsite or remote.​

Protect your systems, trade secrets and other confidential information by video recording the desktop screens of all PCs and servers used by employees and maintenance vendors for your organization. When you receive automatic notification of unauthorized operation, watch a video of the operation to confirm what happened.

Key Features

Record high-quality videos of desktop screens as lightweight files

Advanced image compression technology lets you clearly record all operation of users in your organization while taking up minimal storage space on a PC, managed server or network attached storage (NAS).

Recieve email notification of unauthorized operation

Automatically receive email notification of any operation you predefine as unauthorized, such as insertion of a USB device. The email includes a URL to the video for easy playback and viewing of unauthorized operation.

View and share videos with ease

View videos by clicking the URLs in notification emails or use easy search functions to find and play desired videos. Share video URLs with others so they can watch without a login ID.

Play only the video segments you want to see

Convenient features make it easy to find and play the video segments you want to see while skipping other parts.

Easily install and use iDoperation SC

Anyone can effortlessly install iDoperation SC and start using it right away without specialized knowledge. The videos are easily viewable from a web browser or dedicated player.

Enjoy affordability and wide-ranging compatibility

Licenses are available for individual PCs, which don't require a management server. Or you can purchase a license for a single management server with up to 1000 PC clients - a more affordable solution than competing solutions.

Other features

Other convenient features of iDoperation SC include the ability to take still images of operators from the PC camera and the ability to display watermark characters on the PC screen.

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