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Simplify management of privileged access.

iDoperation privileged access management (PAM) software streamlines and automates the process of monitoring and protecting privileged accounts.

Key Features

Easy visualization and management

Easily visualize and centrally manage all privileged identities, privileged users and authorized privileges within your organization - on-premise, remote and in the cloud.

Automated password changes and account checks

iDoperation automatically changes passwords on a regular basis, checks that managed and registered accounts match, and records the results as a report (PDF or Excel). Administrators can grasp management status by simply batch changing passwords and checking the summary section of the report.

Streamlined workflow

Privileged access application and reporting are carried out through the web console. When a user applies for privileged access via web console and the administrator (notified by email) grants access, all details are automatically stored for the record.

Strict control of privileged access

Passwords are kept secret and privileged access can be granted only for authorized systems and approved periods. All privileged users must log in to iDoperation before the single sign-on to authorized systems.

Automated collection and inspection of access logs

iDoperation reduces the management workload by automatically collecting access logs, auditing to see if operations were performed as requested and emailing the results to the administrator.

Video recording of desktop screens

iDoperation can automatically video record the desktop screens of privileged users. When unauthorized access is detected in the report, the administrator can play the video to visually check what happened.

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