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Intelligent Microphone Library

Technology that can reduce ambient noise and clearly pick up the target sound using multiple microphone elements and sound signal processing.

Intelligent Microphone Library is the only software solution that…

  • Eliminates 99.99% of background noise
  • Captures just the target sound
  • Boosts clarity of the target sound
  • Enables high speech recognition rate
  • Allows all these even at extremely noisy environments of 100dB or more

Innovative Technologies of Intelligent Microphone Library


Advanced In-Car Communication (ICC), Hands-Free Call, and Voice Recognition

Beamforming, Intelligent noise canceling, and Echo canceling provide comfortable voice communication for all passengers

Hands-free voice service and calling from any seat

Convenient for all drivers and passengers

  • Accurately picks up voices from any seat in the car
  • Our software improves voice recognition in noisy
  • Completely hands-free
  • Improves sound quality of in-car microphone
    by eliminating background noises

Convenient voice communication between the front seat and the rear seat


  • Most cars capture only the driver’s voice
    » We want to support voice communication for all passengers
  • Various loud noises and reverb can be heard in the car
    » Road noise, Car audio etc.

Our Solution

  • Beamforming for any seat by Intelligent Microphone
  • Original howling control technology
  • Reverb control technology
  • Echo canceling in close environments with multiple
    microphones and speakers

Intelligent Microphone for eCall

Intelligent Microphone technology has been incorporated into the eCall Units of several providers. This technology meets all the Type 1 Double Talk performance requirements by EU and Russia:

  • Reduces the echo (the sound feedback loop) by about 30dB, making it easier to continue
    the conversation.
    Beamforming allows the reduction of even non-linear echo arising from speaker distortion
  • Automatically corrects the individual variables such as sensitivity and assembly of
    mic elements, ensuring the optimal echo removal for each device
  • Removes the echo from the beginning allowing double talk from the start (requires prior tuning to suit the position of the microphones and speaker)

eCall is a European initiative intended to bring rapid assistance to motorists involved in a collision
anywhere in the European Union (EU).
The regulation requires all new cars sold in the EU to be equipped with eCall technology from April 2018.
In the event of a serious accident, eCall automatically dials 112 – Europe’s single emergency number.

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