ForeSight Voice Mining

ForeSight Voice Mining

Combining state-of-the-art Voice and AI technologies, ForeSight Voice
Mining uncovers VoC (Voice of the Customer) insights from massive
untapped data at your contact centers.
ForeSight allows you to offer better customer experience, takes agent training
and support to new heights, and increases operational and sales efficiency.

ForeSight Voice Mining is a speech-based big data solution that uses Artificial Intelligence to analyze vass amounts customer voice data from call centers to solve the business challenges that corporations face

Why ForeSight Voice Mining?

Quickly spot customer complaints

Quickly find customer complaints
ForeSight's best-of-breed emotion detection technology helps managers quickly identify at-risk customers.

Leverage customer feedback

Utilize customer feedback to improve services
ForeSight lets managers analyze calls and uncover hidden customer needs.

Evaluate agents fairly

Assess operators fairly
ForeSight automatically evaluates agent performance for objective scoring and better training.

Automated compliance management

Streamlined compliance management
ForeSight monitors calls and alerts supervisors when detecting non-compliant language.

Improve responses to customers

Improve responses to customers
ForeSight's Al-fueled answer recommendation feature helps boost agent quality.

Reduce the workload of agents

Reduce the work load of operators
ForeSight converts calls into text helping agents reduce their after call work.


ForeSight Users 20,000 +
ForeSightContact Centers 500 +

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