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This English version is provided as a translation of the Japanese version. To the extent such translated version of this agreement conflicts with the Japanese version, the Japanese version controls.

NTT TechnoCross Corporation, aiming at enhancing its corporate dignity, will make its all employees understand this policy, be clearly aware of protection of personal information in each situation, and protect personal information in their daily business operations.

1. We will acquire, use and provide personal information within the legally, socially and ethically appropriate scope, strongly recognizing the importance of protection of personal information in our business activities.
2. We will take appropriate preventive and corrective actions to prevent leakage, loss or damage of personal information within and outside our company.
3. We will abide by the laws and regulations, guidelines and standards by government concerning use of personal information, and relevant company regulations related to protection of personal information.
4. A contact point will be set up so that complaints and consultations regarding the protection of personal information can be handled appropriately and promptly.
5. We will regularly check the personal information protection management system and continuously improve the system based on the check result.

(Enactment on December 20, 1999)
(Revision on March 6, 2014)
(Revision on September 3, 2018)

NTT TechnoCross Corporation
President and CEO
Kazuhiko Kushima

Business operator handling personal information

NTT TechnoCross Corporation

Personal information of customers

Personal information of customers handled by our company is classified into two categories: “Our customers’ personal information”, directly acquired by our company, and “Personal information owned by our customers”, entrusted to us as part of a contract from an outsourcing organization.
Our company will observe the following policy when handling personal information of customers.

Purpose of use of personal information of customers

Our company will use personal information of customers within the scope of the following business and purpose of use, and will not use beyond the scope.
  1. Purpose of maintaining and improving our following business
    • Service provision and information production including information provision, information processing and payment (including agent collection), as well as system lease and sales necessary for providing these services
    • Design, development, construction, sales, lease, management, operation and maintenance, and system evaluation of information and communication network systems
    • Design, development, sales, lease, operation and maintenance, and quality management of software
    • Development, production, sales, lease, setting and maintenance of hardware
    • Research of the new technology, its application development, consulting, and training and education associated with the above-mentioned business
    • Any other business related to the above
  2. Purpose of conducting business entrusted to our company by our customers
  3. Purpose of delivering our services and products, providing information on seminars and events, questionnaire survey and answering to questions
  4. Purpose of conducting customer satisfaction survey and market research
  5. Purpose of management of visitors, visiting objects, access to our company’s servers and access objects

Outsourcing of handling personal information of customers

We may outsource handling of personal information of customers to external contractors. In outsourcing, we will select contractors whose level of personal information management meets our standards of security control measures, and will appropriately manage and supervise them.

Provision of personal information of customers to third parties

We will not provide personal information of customers to any third party without the prior consent of the individuals concerned.

Shared use of personal information of customers

We will not share and use personal information of customers with any certain party.

Voluntary nature of provision of personal information

We will require customers to provide personal information necessary to accomplish the purpose of use, although it is not necessary to provide all items.If a customer fails to answer certain “mandatory” question(s), such customer may not be able to obtain adequate level of our solutions, products, services or response to inquiries.

Procedures for requesting the disclosure etc. of personal information of customers

We accept requests for notification of purpose of use, disclosure, correction, suspension of use, erasure and stop of the offer of personal information requested by the individual concerned or someone acting as his/her authorized representative if it matches “personal information that is intended for disclosure” among personal information of customers in our custody.

Contact point for inquiries about the handling of personal information

Contact point for complaints and consultations of personal information of customers

If you have any inquiries about our handling of personal information, please click below and send your inquiries in detail. Please make sure to provide all necessary information.

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