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Crossing Makes the Future

We know crossing is the key, be it cross-border, cross-culture, cross-function, cross-company, or cross-technology. NTT TechnoCross takes the best technologies, people, and partners, and creates the unmatched solutions to meet our customers’ needs and wants. Our mission is to offer the best customer experience and create the future through crossing.

Crossing Makes the Future-NTT TechnoCross Corporation

Behind our revolutionary products and solutions are NTT Laboratories and NTT corporation. With its annual R&D spending over $2 billion, NTT Laboratories research and develop cutting-edge technologies in the areas of AI, speech, security, cloud, and Big Data among others. Our parent company, NTT corporation is world’s 4th largest telecom and IT company supporting and operating thousands of contact centers all over the world.

Equally important is the voice of the customer. We treasure our customers’ voice and constantly gather their feedback, which leads to our new research. This customer-centric research evolves into cutting-edge technologies and creates new solutions. The synergy among customer feedback, advanced research, and cutting-edge technologies helps NTT TechnoCross continues to deliver new solutions to delight our customers.

Our flagship product, ForeSight Voice Mining is built on its award-winning speech recognition engine developed by NTT Laboratories. We have incorporated intelligence gained through years of operations and support of contact centers into ForeSight. As a strong believer in partnering with the best-of-breed solutions, we have integrated ForeSight Voice Mining into Salesforce, a leading CRM company. Foresight Voice Mining is the manifestation of our vision - constantly evolving to make the future of contact centers through crossing.

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