For Supervisors

Live Call Monitoring and Alerts

ForeSight Voice Mining lets you monitor calls and sends you alerts in real-time so you can quickly spot at-risk customers or agents who need immediate support. You can also review the conversation trail and quickly grasp the situation of a live call.

Real time call monitoring

Agent Performance Scoring

ForeSight Voice Mining automatically tracks and visualizes agent performance measurements such as script adherence and CAST. It helps both agents and supervisors by showing where agents can improve with objective data.

Supervisors can further drill down satisfactory and unsatisfactory calls by reviewing the conversations in text.

Quantitative assessment of support quality

Visual Call Review

ForeSight converts all calls to text, making them searchable, and speeding up the review. Supervisors can also add comments to specific utterances.

Listening in on calls

For Analysts

Smart Call Search

ForeSight offers a convenient call search feature where analysts can search calls based on a combination of various conditions including data range, keyword, call duration, and extension number.

You can easily jump to and review a specific call in the search result. The search result can be exported to tools like Excel for further analysis and visualization.

VoC analysis


ForeSight's dashboards allow analysts to quantitatively see customer interactions and grasp the status of the entire call center.

Now they can quickly see trends and further drill down the detail.

Visualize the entire center (dashboard)

VoC Extraction

ForeSight automatically extracts customers’ dissatisfaction and satisfaction regarding your services and products. Use the VoC (Voice of the Customer) to take your services and products to a new level.

Visualize the entire center (dashboard)

For Agents

Talk Script Guidance

Talk Script Guidance bar will guide agents through each step of the script ensuring adherence.

Recommendation function for candidate responses

After Call Work Support

Using the transcripts ForeSight created, agents can review the call, copy key parts of the conversation and paste them into the ticket management system, and reduce their after call work.

Automatic summarization

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