ForeSight Voice Mining

ForeSight Voice Mining is AI-based contact center analytics that helps you solve business challenges. With ForeSight, you can objectively and quantitatively analyze a large volume of calls and uncover hidden insights to improve operations, services, and sales.

ForeSight Voice Miningとは

High precision, AI-based speech recognition

Awarded 1st place in an international speech recognition contest, NTT’s speech recognition uses deep learning technology.
High precision speech recognition using AI

Advanced emotion analysis

ForeSight's advanced emotion analysis uses linguistic, acoustic, and interactive characteristics to spot hard-to-detect cold anger, that involves quiet controlled vocal tones.
Advanced emotion analysis technology that can discern suppressed emotions

An all-in-one package

This all-in-one package offers speech recognition and emotion analysis, as well as the tools and features to utilize the results of this analysis. We are constantly striving to actively incorporate user feedback to create a more user-friendly product.
An all-in-one package of necessary features

Continuous full services

We provide a wide range of services after implementation, so you can take full advantage of ForeSight Voice Mining. Full analysis support after installation

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